Nominees & Selection Process

Nominee names are solicited via a form sent to The Alliance’s database of professionals who are closely aligned with the New York City restaurant and hospitality industry. For each award, these industry professionals confidentially submit their chosen nominees for consideration in each award category, along with the reason they believe this individual/company deserves to be recognized. Once the deadline for submissions has passed, the Nomination Committee will meet to discuss, debate and select the final nominees in each award category, based on the nominations submitted. The Committee then goes through another rigorous selection process before anonymously voting for a winner among the selected nominees for each award category. The winner of each award is decided by majority vote of the Committee and announced live at the Awards on Monday, May 8th, 2017!

Nomination Committee

The NYC Hospitality Alliance’s Executive Director selects members of a Nomination Committee to take part in the process of selecting the winners of each award. The members of this Committee represent a wide range of hospitality industry professionals who are rich in knowledge, experience and expertise.